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Designing Next – Assemblage Thinking
Designing Next – Assemblage Thinking

The place of design/ing is more than ever critical.
It is time to quit the industrial mindset and get into the interactive assemblage modes.

Alok b. Nandi - Designing Next - Assemblage Thinking.

Interaction at large.
Interaction between people.
Interaction between people and things.
Interaction between people and places.
Interaction between things and places and things and people.

Pixels and screens have occupied lots of design activities for those busy with digital stuff. Now digital is gonna be as ubiquitous as water.

How do we assemble for the Next ?

Note: a series of talks and interventions are in preparation, focusing on "assemblage" and its multiple connections to design and thinking, to conceiving and making.

100 Great Designs of Modern Times
100 Great Designs of Modern Times

Thanks IIT and Fortune for having invited to contribute and here is the list !

Fortune magazine published the findings of IIT's 2019 research project, 100 Great Designs of Modern Times. This concludes a near yearlong effort to update Jay Doblin’s original study 100 Best Products of Modern Times,first published in 1959. The print issue will be hitting newsstands in the beginning of April.
Seattle – Interaction19
Seattle – Interaction19

IxDA's annual conference 2019 took place in Seattle in February 2019. My talk at Interaction19 was on the second day: in a nutshell on "thinking interaction design" and highlighting the need to have hybridity in our systems.

The talk has been recorded and is at

Interaction19 Seattle - IxDA - photo by Andrea Mignolo -

Some sketchnotes were made by Chris Noessel, Boon Yew Chew a.o. -

IxD19 skechnote by Chris Noessel -
IxD19 skechnote by Boon Yew Chew -

Design in Tokyo

Tokyo – Beyond Pixel Pushing

IxDA Tokyo #6: Beyond Pixel Pushing - Design is more strategic than ever

東京都千代田区紀尾井町1-3 17階 Yahoo! LODGE

Yahoo! LODGE 18階



デザインは、歴史上かつてないほど戦略において重要な役割を担うようになっています。本イベントは、IxDAプレジデントのアローク・ナンディ(Alok Nandi)が、リヨン、シアトル、リオデジャネイロ、ムンバイと4大陸のデザインにおけるインサイトをお届けします。



アローク・ナンディ氏はArchitempoの創業者兼クリエイティブディレクターであり、UXストラテジスト、インタラクションデザイナー。2018年から2020年までIxDA(Interaction Design Association)のプレジデントを務めることが決まっている。

19:15 開場・受付開始
19:30 スピーカーについてご紹介(日本語と英語)
19:40 プレゼンテーション(英語)
20:10 Q&A(日本語と英語)
20:40 ネットワーキング
21:45 終了


Design is more strategic than ever - recent insights from Lyon, Seattle, Rio and Mumbai by Alok Nandi, president of IxDA.
Design isnʼt just about aesthetics ‒ letʼs kill this 19th century industrial-romantic myth.
Design isnʼt just about thinking ‒ letʼs clean and reboot this early 21st century myth.
From People and Pixels to People and Places, design is both strategic and much more. Letʼs talk about it.

Alok Nandi is founder and creative director of Architempo, UX strategist, interaction designer; president of IxDA - Interaction Design Association.

19:15 Doors Open
19:30 Introduction (Japanese & English)
19:40 Presentation by Alok Nandi (English)
20:10 Q&A (Japanese & English)
20:40 Networking
21:45 Closing

Tokyo – Beyond Pixel Pushing